Silence Speaks 



The Story of Life 


Seed is like Me, the beginning and the end 
Of life on earth as in Heaven I meant. 
A seed must die in order that it lives, 
Thus One becomes many and its bounty gives. 

Unless it dies, it shall abide alone 
And die in wilderness without being known. 
First is the death born of surrender to love, 
Second is the death born of selfish love. 

When the seed surrenders with love to My earth, 
She nurtures it with love and gives it a birth. 
Before, during and after the birth of the tree, 
Angels of water, sun and air give love free. 

For the love seed gives, many more times it receives 
On this food of love, it thrives and lives. 
During its lifetime, it spreads its kind around; 
Thus it spreads My bounty of Love unbound. 

But seed that surrenders not, when planted in ground, 
Lives alone a while in the midst of love all around. 
Then it begins to rot and in the end it dies, 
For such a one, not even the mother sighs. 

This is the story of life of plant and men 
A reflection of Truth in the spiritual realm.

Mayfair, Bombay

June 11, 1956

9:00 p.m.