Silence Speaks


The Seed 


Seed is bigger than its tree because the tree is in it. Unless the seed dies, it bears no tree nor any fruit. My Servants who have become oned with me are bigger than me in material creations. Because I am in them. They have always been in Me but only when they have removed all that is against Me in them, I bide in them fully. These Servants are the ones I choose to plant My eternal work through. But, they must die in every sense as I want them to, without any resistance or fear so that I, the omnipresent one in them, grow out of them into diverse manifestations, as I have planned through them. If they are not prepared to be thus dissolved so that I live, and they again live in Me and I in them, they shrink and quite often shrivel unto death, bearing nothing that is lasting of My plan except what they have in their soul life.

Thus, one life chance is lost. The same chance may never come again. Let My servants remember the deep implication of this principle and remove all the obstructions that are in them to the ultimate consummation of their small self, so that they live in Me and I in them as I in My Father in Heaven and He in Me. I shall give more on the mystery of the seed later.

Much Love from Thy own


November 15, 1955