Silence Speaks 



Serve Me and Me Alone 


No servant of Mine can serve Me efficiently and other masters at the same time. The other masters can be men or mammon or even their own thoughts, however good, even godly, and accepted by society. The one and only need is the one-pointed goal to serve Me at whatever level of inner development they be and whatever external bindings or circumstances they find themselves.

When a servant dedicates his all to a master, he sees to it that the master's work is given the first value, however difficult the situation be in his surroundings or even within himself. If he thinks of first liquidating his past obligations and even gaining health before he begins service, he, in most cases, shall not be able to do so, with the result that neither of the objectives he is after will be satisfied. But if he fixes his goal to serve the master and does not give any value to his external or internal bindings, in time to come, all problems get solved automatically in the way they should. As the master appreciates his services, he gets additional help from the master in many ways.

So, My best servants should aim at giving first value to serve Me and Me alone. After they prove their worth and as they serve Me, I see to their disentanglements bit by bit, even without their knowledge.

Love from thy own.


October 4, 1956

4:15 p.m.