Silence Speaks 



Self Annihilation 


The Link between self and Self is either self surrender or self annihilation. Some are able to surrender successfully, some are able to kill the self. In either case, the self that is the root of the obstacle for the Divine to manifest through men has to be removed or killed. Even when removed, unless it is killed susequently, it shall assert.

Those who surrender the self to Self succeed in the beginning, but until the self is annihilated, there is always the danger of the self again asserting.

Annihilation of the self is possible only when the thought forms of the self and all assertions with the Self are destroyed. This not the work of the disciple. It is the work of the Master who has been given by Me the power to destroy thoughts. Without such a One, thoughts shall persist and, at weak moments, the thought of self-assertion in gross or fine form shall manifest.

This is the danger even in the case of saints and sages. Even when they climb very high initially, they are made to fall by the evil one if the thought forms of the self and its offshoots are not destroyed. It is only when these sages and saints have realised Me, the ultimate source of all creation that they are safe from such a fall.

Love from thy own.

Mayfair, Bombay

February 10, 1957

10:25 a.m.