Silence Speaks 



Live in the Deathless 


Be dead to death and live in the deathless. Those who live for life are already dying and death must result in the end. Those who are already dead to death live in the deathless state when alive in life. So, live in the deathless and death will have no effect in life.

The conventions and customs that are for birth life and death must fit into the spirit that is behind the deathless eternal life. If they do not fit in, then let the customs and conventions be dead to the deathless one. There is no death: only life all the time from the timeless to the eternal. Therefore, death has to be given the importance it deserves when one lives in the deathless consciousness. Customs honoured that have death in them are customs already dead but kept alive by the living dead. For the living deathless, such customs have no place.

On death, more shall be given later. This is enough for thy question today and for today.

Love from thy own.

NCCS, Poona

October 1, 1956

2:00 p.m.