Silence Speaks


Human Love is the Link Between Life and Divine Love


The link between life and Love is love. There is no life without Love and there is no link in-between that sustains life but through love. Mostly, love attaches to the gross, the visible, because the invisible is not seen. Those, whose eyes open, realise dimly the presence of Love. Then, love begins to attach to Love and detachment with life occurs as a result. Till the attachment of love to Love occurs, life is finite. When love attaches to Love that is infinite, the life expands. It engulfs the life limited and also becomes the Source of the Life Eternal. When one has to be oned with the Source that is Love, it is possible through love ultimately, but the love has to be attached to Love and not life. Life is like the pond, Love is ocean and love is the river. When the river ends in the pond, the pond does fill up, but ultimately it becomes either full of dirt or becomes overful and breaks the banks. Thus, the self-centred love destroys life ultimately, starting with stagnation that is self-satisfaction. But when the river of love flows towards the Ocean of Love, the life perpetual begins and does not end till the Ocean of Love that is Me is reached. Therefore, all must recognise that all spring from Love, flow through love and end in life. If the stream is reversed, the Life Eternal begins and continues eternally. Once the life limited becomes the goal, at best it continues in bogs and marshes and ultimately ends in nothing of nothing. Therefore, though all flow from Love to life and through love, the cycle shall be complete only when love returns to Love and not ends in life that is nature and human. This life continuous is going on; all, except the human mind that has not realised it, help it to its fulfilment. Those, who realise the Truth, realise Me. Dwell on it all that believe in love that is the path to Me; the One and only path to begin with and end in. More later. Love from thy own. NCCS, Poona February 16, 1956, 9.30 a.m.