Silence Speaks 



Eternal Plan 


Seed, before it is planted, knows not its outcome. Even when it is planted, it knows not its future. Only when it grows into a tree that can withstand storms and adverse conditions, it knows its locale, its outcome and also the approximate length of its age. But I know what I have planned for the seed. This plan too, though fixed in eternity, is not fixed in the present. The Present is governed not only by eternity but also by factors that often counter the eternity. Ultimately, the ultimate plans alone prevail, but before they manifest, quite a lot of modifications happen in the plan of the life eternal.

The seed need not necessarily be that of a plant. It can also be of man. Everyone's Life Eternal is planned from eternity to eternity. Only when man becomes oned with me, he lives in that Eternal, which is present, past and future. Till then, he lives either in the past or the present or the future in the conception of time known to men.

Love from thy own.

Mayfair, Bombay

June 7, 1956

1:40 p.m.