Spiritual Basis for the Tsunami of December,

2004 in the Indian Ocean & a Prayer

Bahram R. Shahmardaan, PhD

Love unites and includes everyone. Hate divides and excludes those who differ.

Historically when mankind has strayed away from the Divine, then the Divine Will has asserted to re-establish the balance between Truth and un-Truth in manifestation. According to Hindu mythology when human kind strays from the Will Divine then Shiva also known as Michael in the Old Testament, takes the form of Natarâja the Re-Creator or Destroyer and dances His Dance of Destruction which results in catastrophic upheavals. Out of the destruction of the old order and way of being a new order emerges. There are Biblical accounts of such happenings such as the flood for which Noah was instructed to build the Ark and various famines, plagues and such. Such catastrophic occurrences are sometimes described as the Wrath of God visiting on humankind.

It is important to recognize that God does not like to destroy. Being Love, God cannot be actuated by anger. All Divine acts result from Love and are a manifestation of Love. God is not a destructive source and an angry force. God is a Loving Source and a Creative Force.

I first met Dr. Dinshah K. Mehta in 1967. I learned subsequently that Dr. Mehta was a close associate and confidant of Mahatma Gandhi's and was his Naturopathic Physician. He is also is the Founder Chairman of the Society of Servants of God. Ever since I met him, Dr. Mehta used to mention that the Divine Mind is now as close to the earth plane as it was during the time when Zarathushtra, Ram, Krishna, Moses, Buddha, Christ, Mohammed and other Masters walked the earth. Dr. Mehta specifically mentioned a Divine Principle that was descending. He described this Divine Principle as "Unite the Divide".

Since 1972 Dr. Mehta used to emphasize that this Principle is descending very rapidly and that if the Political and/or Economic leaders will not yield to this Principle of Unite the Divide then humankind will experience disasters the likes of which have not been witnessed in our collective memory.

Dr. Mehta specifically mentioned that because of the descent of this principle divisive barriers will begin to break down. One can see from the recent past that this has indeed happened. In the early seventies, we witnessed the introduction of Ostopolitik between East and West Germany when William Brandt was the chancellor of what was West Germany. In the 80's we experienced the rapprochement between the Soviet Union and the USA. Eventually the Berlin wall was torn down and the Soviet Union disintegrated. At the same time Europe which has been dreaming of a United Europe with a single currency for many decades if not centuries, finally did establish a European Parliament with a single market and the Euro as a single currency. As a result of the break up of the Soviet Union, some of the East European countries have also joined the EU and Turkey also will most likely be admitted.

While all this was happening Dr. Mehta continued to warn that if leaders of the various countries did not yield to this descending Principle and do what is right from the Spiritual point of view then the Divine will use Nature to set things right. Dr. Mehta explained that Nature is the most obedient Servant of God and once Nature begins to act, no one can stop it. Since 1980 Dr. Mehta used to say words to the effect, "There will be earthquakes, Tidal waves, Tidal bores and climate changes that will stun world leaders and shake the people of various countries with the size of the devastation. Out of this seeming destruction, the balance between Truth and un-Truth in manifestation will be restored."

Many of the Political leaders in India were aware of Dr. Mehta's close association with Mahatma Gandhi and his contribution to the Freedom struggle and many of the Prime Ministers such as the late Indira Gandhi and others before and after her were in contact with him. Some of them visited him frequently. But they did not or could not heed his warnings and implement programs for the national good, based on the spiritual principles, which he devised and shared with them. Dr. Mehta passed on in 1993 and till the end he warned of the impending disasters.

Out of these disasters, the Principle of Unite the Divide is bringing about Unity in the consciousness of humankind.

As a result of the Tsunami in South East Asia, the world united in a positive way. Differences of religion, race and language were set aside and humanity and governments responded to the need for help. In Sri Lanka, the Tamil Tigers, a local militia group that has been fighting the Government for more than 20 years suspended all aggression and cooperated with the Government to help victims of the disaster. The Free Aceh Movement or GAM Rebels in the Banda Aceh province of Indonesia who have been fighting the Indonesian Govt. for the past 30 odd years also held their fire and cooperated with the aid workers to distribute supplies. Similarly, the armed forces of the USA, India, Japan and other nations that are trained to fight and kill each other, were instead united to work for peace and save lives rather than destroy them. To emphasize this change, given below is an excerpt from the December 31, 2004 issue, the Indian Express a leading English language newspaper in India, reported the following:
"NEW DELHI, December 30: Responding to the extraordinary humanitarian challenge arising from Sunday's tsunami strike, India and the United States have begun to overcome entrenched mindsets in their establishments and prepare for unprecedented naval cooperation in the Indian Ocean region.

Thanks to some fleet-footed diplomacy between New Delhi and Washington in the last 48 hours, Indian and US armed forces, along with those of Japan and Australia, are about to unveil one of the biggest multilateral relief efforts the world has ever seen. 
Although there has been much rhetoric in the last few years about the potential for political partnership between India and the US, this is the first time that the naval forces of the two counties will be working together in the Indian Ocean.

During Operation Enduring Freedom to oust the Taliban in Afghanistan, which followed the 9/11 attacks, Indian ships had assisted the US in providing security in the Malacca straits. But that operation, a picnic in comparison to the proposed tsunami relief effort, took months to negotiate. This time, diplomatic action has been fast and furious."

Dr. Mehta used to also state that the Divine steals its Will through anti-Will in manifestation. When Sputnik was launched by the Soviet Union in 1956 it started the arms race in Space. Originally all the satellites were launched for military purposes. Similarly the internet was originally created for use by the US Military. Though the thrust of these human activities were to perpetrate divisiveness, the Divine achieved its purpose to Unite the Divide through these human efforts. Communication satellites were later launched that brought the people of the world closer together and the Internet and the World Wide Web have created such a communication revolution that we are now experiencing the Global Village. These are some examples of how the Divine steals Its Will through anti-Will in manifestation.

Similarly when countries war with each other destruction brings about hate. But when the Divine Mind asserts then through this seeming destruction the Divine is bringing about a Unity in the minds and hearts of people the world over. The Principle Unite the Divide is continuing to descend and nature is the instrument it will be using in increasing proportions.

Let us hope and pray that in the aftermath of the Tsunami the Governments of the world and the people they serve will step back and re-evaluate their actions. We need to recognize that our relentless pursuit of economic growth is damaging the environment and harming us and all the creatures that share the planet with us. Economic growth at all costs seems to be more important than living in peace and nurturing the environment that has created the web of life of which humanity is but a part. If humankind does not respond to the call of Love but with the best of intentions, continues to create conflicts in the name of the Almighty then forces will come into play which will wreak such havoc that the destruction caused by the Tsunami will look like a walk in the park.
Out of this destruction too, good will come about. One consequence of these catastrophic occurrences could be that the armed forces of the worlds which are trained to fight & destroy each other will be forced to work together instead for the cause of love and peace to save humankind. Let us make the right decision and choose love and sacrifice over hate and greed.

Bahram R. Shahmardaan, PhD