The Promise Of Easter Has Been Fulfilled

Bahram R. Shahmardaan, PhD

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is one of the seminal events in human history and demonstrates that Divine Goodness can conquer even death. We are often told that Christ died on the cross for our sins. It seems that by focusing on the death aspect of the crucifixion we are missing the real significance of this most uplifting of spiritual events.
Even Mel Gibson's excellent movie, "The Passion of The Christ" focused on the torment and death of Jesus and not on His life and teachings.

It is true that Jesus died on the cross for our sins. But what is more important and the real point of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ is that He loves us so much that He lived for us not once but twice to prove that life transcends death and that life cannot be extinguished by the death of the physical body. His love for His Father made him accept the bitter cup and because of His love for us He rose from the dead and once again lived amongst us. Through His sermon on the mount and other teachings Jesus taught us and emphasized how to live for God. Jesus focused on life even when He talked about being born again. The resurrection of Christ proves that Life transcends death and that one has to die in order to be born again. But the death we have to experience in order to be born again is not the death of the physical body.

When Jesus resurrected His body, in a very real sense He was born again. He took a rebirth. The phrase, "Born Again" is used very frequently as are the words, "Born again in Christ"; "Living in Christ" and "Working through Christ". Just what do they mean?

Perhaps the following discussion may explain the words.

In the New Testament, John 11, it is recorded that when Jesus went to comfort Martha and Mary who were the sisters of Lazarus of Bethany, the man Jesus raised from the dead, Jesus said words to the effect, "I am the resurrection and the life. He that dies in me shall live and he that lives in me shall live and never die."

Reflections of these statements by Jesus are all around us in nature.

Explanation of the words: "He that dies in me shall live."
A seed is alive but it is not living. In order for the seed to live, it must surrender to its Source, the soil. When a seed surrenders to the soil, the soil nurtures it and life within the seed stirs and as a result of the internal growth the shell splits open and the root and shoot spring forth. The seed dies within its source the soil in order to live as a sapling within the soil. If a seed does not surrender to its Source, it will continue to live as a seed and not grow. Eventually, the vitality within the seed will die without ever realizing its potential as a tree and fulfilling its purpose of being.

Similarly in order to be born again in Christ we have to surrender our small will, our self conscious to the Will of Christ and instead of being self conscious we have to be Christ Conscious. We have to literally get rid of our ego and self consciousness and become and remain conscious of Christ. When our human consciousness is linked with the consciousness of Christ, then we are literally living in Christ and He in us. When we are conscious of Christ while we perform work then it is Christ and not us who is doing the work. Under such circumstances, Christ is literally working through us.

Explanations of the words: "He that lives in me shall live and never die."
A tree that is living with its roots anchored in its source the soil will continue to live so long as its roots remain anchored in the soil. If the tree that is living separates from its source the soil, it will die. So the tree can only continue to live so long as it remains linked to the source.

Similarly once we are Born Again in Christ, we have to continue to remain conscious of 
Christ and not revert to being self-conscious. We have to remind ourselves that Lucifer was an exalted one in Heaven and was cast out when he became self-conscious. His self-conscious which resulted from pride made him ego-centric and caused the separation between himself and the Divine. So also when we become self conscious, we cannot remain Christ conscious.

Many of us erroneously identify with our body and mind. You are not your body and mind. What you are is consciousness. Consciousness cannot be perceived with our human senses and consciousness neither dies nor can it be destroyed. You can be conscious but you cannot see consciousness nor can you touch it, taste it, hear it or smell it. So although consciousness cannot be perceived with the human senses, without consciousness, none of your senses can work. Consciousness energizes your body and mind and allows your being to use your mind and body. And when the body and mind no longer serve the needs of your Being, your Being along with your consciousness leaves the body and mind and they die. So what you are is consciousness and the being that is conscious.

So what is it that you are conscious of and who are you being? To be Born Again in Christ and to live in Christ we have to be conscious of Christ all the time and engage in a mutual exchange with His Consciousness just as living trees remain rooted in the soil and exchange nutrients with the soil which is their source. Trees are an expression of earth and to live and survive they have to remain rooted in earth. So also in order to live in Christ and enable Him to live in and express Himself through us, our consciousness must be rooted in Him at all times. This is reflected in the words of Jesus when He said words to the effect, "Love the Lord thy God with all thy mind, all thy strength and your soul."

So has the promise of Easter been delivered? It has most emphatically been delivered. So if the promise of Easter has been delivered, why is it that we are still witnessing so much turmoil and strife in the world?

The promise of Easter has been delivered for all of humanity to receive. But only those who will eliminate their self consciousness and invite Christ Consciousness into their lives will receive the deliverance available to all. This is the battle of life and the ultimate goal of the Journey of Life Eternal. How to eliminate your self consciousness and invite Christ Consciousness has been explained in my book The Journey of Life Eternal.

The Christ Consciousness is all pervading. Just as the physical elements such as Space, Sun, Air, Water and Earth are universal and available to everyone on earth, so also the Christ Consciousness is Universal and anyone, anywhere in the world or for that matter the physical universe can connect with the Christ Consciousness.

Just as each of us experiences the Universe in keeping with our individual capacities, so also each one of us can experience the Christ Consciousness at the level at which we are. This means that our experience of the Christ Consciousness will be as unique as we are. Further, just as people in different parts of the world refer to Space, Sun, Air, Water and Earth by different names, similarly people in different parts of the world refer to the Christ Consciousness by names of the prophets through which it was revealed to them. What is the proof of that the Prophets of other religions were linked to the Christ Consciousness?

All religions teach that we should love one another, be charitable, merciful, humble etc. This shows that the Masters through whom the religions were revealed were all linked to the same Consciousness whose basic nature is Love and which has characteristics that emanate from Love i.e. Humility, Strength, Mercy, Charity, Forgiveness etc. In the Christian world we refer to it as the Christ Consciousness. In other parts of the world they are referred to by names such as Zarathushtra, Ram, Krishna, Moses, Buddha, Mohammed, Baha'ullah, Guru Nanak and others.

The situation is ripe for the Christ Consciousness to be embraced by humankind.
The current political turmoil the world is experiencing; the environmental disasters we have experienced; the global warming that is increasing due to a disregard of the delicate balance within the environment which makes up the web of life are all creating conditions that will set the stage for people the world over to be more receptive to Love which is another name for Christ Consciousness that is the balm for all ills.

So on this Easter Sunday, let us celebrate and honor the Resurrected Christ and invite Him into our lives by surrendering our self consciousness to His Love Consciousness and become worthy channels of Love. Each one of us has the power of one within us. The power of the one Universe. We have the power to allow hate and its attendant characteristics of anger, greed, lust, envy, covetousness, slothfulness etc. to flow through us or we can choose to allow Love and its attendant attributes of Humility, Strength, Mercy, Charity, Forgiveness etc. to flow through us.

Let us choose Love.

Bahram R. Shahmardaan, Ph.D.