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How Karma Binds Us To Cycles Of Birth, Life and Death and How You Can Free Yourself From The Wheel of Karma

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Death: The Final Frontier? or An Illusion in the Journey of Life Eternal?

Death is but a Part of Life. 

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Journey of Life Eternal

A New Way ... To Truly Understand The Human Mind and Realize the Goal of Life Eternal! Discover the Seven Spiritual Principles that can help anyone to complete the ... Journey of Life Eternal

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Love and Hate

Love and Hate: Manifesting Love and Transforming Hate. Bahram... explains in beautiful and simple terms what Love is and why Hate manifests and provides examples...

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Journey of Life Eternal, Youth Edition

Journey of Life Eternal, Youth Edition. All the wisdom of Journey of Life Eternal with added material for young people. .

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Christianity and Islam

In Christianity and Islam: In which Language does God Speak? Which Religion does God Favor? Bahram reveals the basis of religious conflict and how it leads to the belief that God favors one language or formal religion over another. He then goes on to show how you can connect with the Source of Sources for a richer spiritual experience.

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Spirituality Defined! Spirituality Explained!

In Spirituality Defined! Spirituality Explained! How God Becomes a Prisoner of Man Bahram reveals that life is a journey that has many destinations. Where you reach depends upon the choices you make while journeying. In this book you will embark upon a journey of self discovery to examine and explore who you are. This in turn may inspire you to begin the journey that will enable you to become and remain free.

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