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A New Way ...

To Truly Understand The Human Mind and Realize the Goal of Life Eternal!

Discover the Seven Spiritual Principles that can help anyone to complete the ...


Journey of Life Eternal, Youth Edition 

From the Source Unto the Source.
The author explains how Seven Spirtual Principles relate to certain characteristics of the human mind, and how, in conjunction with a regimen of spiritual exercises,  


The author, Bahram Shahmardaan PhD, was born into a Zoroastrian family, and grew up in the multi-racial, religious, cultural, ethnic and multlingual city of Bombay.With the help of many of his religious teachers and eventually a Spiritual Master in the person of 

these can be utilized to transcend one's limitations.

Additionally, the author challenges you, the reader, to verify his explanations against your own experience, in order to test the validity of these Principles.

These principles are unique and have never been revealed before to the general public. For more than thirty-five years, Dr. Shahmardaan has strived to live by these principles in his daily life. This effort has given him deep insights, which are highly useful in clarifying the many universal issues which all of us face, and in sorting out the conflicts that we experience in our daily lives. Bahram's gift of expressing these insights with clarity and simplicity can help us all as we navigate our own journeys through Life Eternal. Environmental and quality of life issues are also comprehensively covered in the book, making it both timely and eternal.

Dr. Dinshah K. Mehta, Bahram sifted through the seemingly conflicting values and customs of the various religions of India.

After he obtained his Bachelor's degree in science from Bombay University, Bahram came to the United States in 1968. He has an MBA from Golden Gate University, San Francisco. Bahram has established the Society of Servants of God as a church in California. 



For the benefit of the Young, Dr. Shahmardaan has added a chapter for the Youth Edition that explains how the invisible (unmanifested) universe is the source of the visible (manifested) universe and describes the relationship between the two and why the invisible universe is hundreds if not thousands of times larger than the visible universe.

Dr. Shahmardaan also clarifies why the invisible universe is the real universe and why Truth abides in the invisible universe. Those who seek to experience Truth in the visible universe are seeking in vain and are bound to get frustrated and depressed.

Dr. Shahmardaan explains why you should seek Truth within yourself and why the Source of the Universe you create is within you. How to do this is explained in The Journey of Life Eternal

To further help the Young and the Old Young cope with the struggle all seekers encounter on "The Journey" Dr. Shahmardaan has added snippets of wisdom from the Internet and also added inspirational observations 

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Publisher: N2Print (November 14, 2004) 
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Read the Reviews!

"The Journey of Life Eternal is not the usual new-age, oversimplified guide to feeling good, but rather it is a highly personal and authentic description of the challenges and enormous difficulties one must overcome in a life of spiritual growth. Dr. Shahmardaan's book is a wake-up call to all seekers to re-direct their attention in sadhana (spiritual practice) to self-purification and surrender to the divine." -- Swami Tadatmananda , Arsha Bodha Center, Somerset, NJ.

"Everyone, especially the young, should read The Journey of Life Eternal which is full of pearls of wisdom. In his unique way Dr. Shahmardaan succinctly outlines and explains the Universal Spiritual Principles that will enable us to surrender our will to the Divine and thus fulfill our individual responsibilities and complete our Journey of Life Eternal." -- Mark L. Stevenson , Law Commissioner, Canada.

"The Journey of Life Eternal is an intuitive and inspirational guide, which Dr. Shahmardaan is undoubtedly well-qualified to write, and we welcome it as a necessary addition to the literature about the Coming Age. The Journey of Life Eternal is destined to be of great service to many people and will, beyond enhancing the readers' sense of values, open their minds to an existence beyond the very boundaries of what is now attainable! We highly recommend The Journey of Life Eternal." -- Rev. Dr. Victoria Vandertuin, Metaphysical Paranormal, Researcher and Author

"Exceed your self-imposed limitations with intention and the intuitive insight of, The Journey of Life Eternal. An excellent guide. Wise and powerful words from Dr. Bahram Shahmardaan; a masterful teacher who lives the journey. Pay mindful attention to the 7 Spiritual Principles." - Larry James,, Author of How to Really Love the One You're With.

Dr. Bahram Shahmardaan is a sage. His wisdom resonates in The Journey of Life Eternal and we would do well to take his words to heart.
-- Lisa Marie Coffey, What’s Your Dosha, Baby? Discover the Vedic Way for Compatibility in Life and Love

The Journey of Life Eternal stands out among all the contemporary books that offer help to spiritual seekers who wish to learn of Principles they can adopt in their daily life. This is one book that is a keeper. This is not a cookie cutter, me too type of feel good book. This is the right book, the real McCoy that offers hope to all spiritual seekers who belong to different faiths and outlines with beautiful examples the Spiritual Principles that are common to all religions. The Journey of Life Eternal does not promise an easy answer to age old problems but it does address issues that have plagued mankind through the ages and shows how each one of us can become responsible and take charge of the events that unfold in our lives and how we can use the power within us to contribute positively to the world. Dr. Shahmardaan has done a tremendous service to humanity in general and Spiritual Seekers in particular by sharing his deep personal insights into the purpose of life and how each one us can complete our individual Journey of Life Eternal. I wish this book becomes a best seller. -- David M. Hyre, Walnut Creek, California

Many Scriptures have described the realization of one's true identity as the first step to communicating with the All Pervasive Divine Being that is within us all. Unfortunately, most Scriptures do not clearly explain how to get in touch with our Real Self. A lot is left to devotion if not blind faith. This book identifies the Principles we need to live by and explains how we can live with them and thus get in touch with our real Self which is Divine. The Journey of Life Eteranl is a masterpiece of Spiritual literature. All true seekers need to read this book and practice Principles so that they may at least begin and hopefully complete their individual Journey of Life Eternal. Kudos to Dr. Shahmardaan. -- Seema Hines San Francisco Bay Area, California

"My husband, Richard, and I learned about spiritual truths from Dr. Bahram Rashid Shahmardaan for ten years. We both found that his teachings were practical, useful, and stemmed from eternal spiritual truths which are the basis of all true religions. Regardless of your religion, if you are seeking spiritual truth, I believe this book can help you find it. We are glad that The Journey of Life Eternal is available to the general public." --Debbie Hobin, California

Those who have searched for the Spiritual Path and the Principles necessary to complete the Spiritual Journey can take heart. Finally a book is available that does not mince any words and sheds light on what it takes to embark upon the Journey of Life Eternal and stay the course.
For what it offers, the book is really priceless. Kudos to Dr. Shahmardaan. May his star shine brightly so others can see and follow its light. -- Colleen Romero British Columbia, Canada

Dr. Shahmardaan succinctly details his spiritual journey. He persisted in his youth and early adulthood as a seeker in a swirl of social, psychological and religious influence. As a result in this book he shares principles for connecting with our Divinity. The principles embraced are inclusive of the world's religions. From the framework of these principles, Dr. Shahmardaan gives examples of how we may assess and renew our participation in our individual relationships and in global issues such as the quest for world peace and a healthy environment. For those of us, like myself, who lose focus periodically along our spiritual journey, Dr. Shahmardaan has provided a sharp, fresh set of lenses. -- John Hazen Castro Valley, CA USA

All Spiritual seekers must read this book. The Spiritual Principles that are the basis of all religions are clearly explained. The nature of the human mind, its limitations and how we can use these very tendencies of the mind to grow to know the Divine are clearly explained. Dr. Shahmardaan has provided answers to questions that have plagued humanity with empirical examples that we can all verify. This book explains Universal Principles that everyone can follow and experience the Peace that surpasseth understanding.-- Milagrossa Patricio Antioch, California

As a westerner I find Dr. Shahmardaan's insight and philosophy illuminating. His forthwith examples and logical conclusions are easily followed and have given me a whole new perspective of my life and the world around me. This is a must reading for anyone who wants to understand where he is spiritually and where his potential can be realized. -- William P. Gnirrep New Jersy

The Journey of Life Eternal is a fascinating-read and a must-learn for anyone who is even remotely inclined towards understanding and improving oneself and one's life. The cycles of Life Eternal can be clearly witnessed from the examples given. The characteristics and limitations of the mind are truly revealing. Having been brought up in the Zoroastrian faith, I can relate to the description of Bahram Shahmardaan's upbringing and quest for answers. Everything described in the book is real and makes sense to the open mind and may even help many with closed minds. I grew up in Pune, India, a city which is known for many Spiritual movements but found none of the available spiritual literature appealing. Finally, I have found a book about spirituality that could hold my attention through its entirety. It is interesting that I found it in America. -- Menucher Menuchehry California, USA

Dr. Shahmardaan offers a detailed step by step guide to assist you in connecting with your elemental spiritual self. He shows that the various religions of the world are based in the same reality, so that you can make the journey to spiritual fulfillment regardless of your faith, or even if you have no faith. But before making the journey, you must learn how to find your spiritual self in spite of the illusions that your own mind and the world have woven to obscure the truth. Dr. Shahmardaan shows you how to do this with surprisingly simple techniques that you will easily learn. You should read this book if you feel that your life is confused and adrift, or if you want to become a more effective human being. You'll be glad you read it. -- David Neal Arvada, CO

I found this book to truly be one of the most insightful; least pretentious; and mind challenging books on life's meaning. The way the author leads the reader through his formative years and the hours of meditation and discipline he put into understanding the Human mind and our spiritual self, is enough to have one read the book over and over again. More importantly, the purpose of the book is to give each reader the starting point to search out and realize their own potential for traveling their own Journey of Life Eternal. If for no other reason, one should get this book to have access to the Seven Spiritual Principles the author describes for the first time anywhere. Thanks to the author for this life changing work. -- Carl Lucca Martinez, California

This book is the most incredible book I ever read. Everyone should have it to read in the hour of desperation and helplessness'. Thank you Bahram Shahmardaan for creating this beautiful book for us. I see it to become a #1 best seller in a short time -- Kathy lipp/Gerhard Hamilton Bermuda

An excellent reading for those who seek peace and harmony not only for themselves, but also to assist others through the current crisis happening in the world. The author takes one through the internal journey he travelled and shares with us his insights in a clear and easy way. The distinctions presented in the value of opinions, the art of listening, and what is a civilised man, is worth every penny. What is also of value is the integration of the various ancient and mordern philosophies of the world. A must reading for all who want to understand about life, and have freedom. -- Bom Irani California

One can achieve good physical health, one can achieve wealth. But the great thing is to achieve spiritual health. Dr. Irani in simple lucid language explains how to achieve the most important health - spiritual. If there is one book that you would want to buy this year, I highly recommend The Journey of Life Eternal. -- Rusty Deshmukh Vancouver, B.C. Canada