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The Importance of Right Surrender

Without surrender life would not exist. We surrender our very breath to the atmosphere and the atmosphere replenishes it. If we refuse to surrender our breath, we will die.We are led and controlled by that which we surrender to and we surrender to whatever we are attracted.

If we surrender to hate we will be controlled and led by hate and we will follow it to its bitter end. If we surrender to Truth we will be controlled and led by Truth which will illuminate our lives and make them peaceful.

So watch what it is that you are surrendering your life to. Because that which you surrender to is what will control you and what you will follow and eventually experience.

Unfortunately, most of us are attracted to and attached to our desires and so surrender to them. So we are controlled by our desires and lead a life of suffering because all desires lead to suffering 
because as Gautama Buddha revealed in the first two the Four Noble Truths that "Sufferinfg Is"and that the ONLY cause of Desire is suffering. All desires lead to suffering.

To complete the Journey of Life Eternal and experience Love and Harmony we need to surrender our will to the Divine.